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At the Hearing Health Clinic, we offer a complimentary full diagnostic hearing assessment service. Please contact us to book a hearing assessment at one of our clinics or we can visit you at your home.

We believe that a hearing assessment should be much more than just pressing a button when you hear some beeps.  At the Hearing Health Clinic we want to understand the problems you are facing.

We will start with a thorough history to find out what situations you struggle with, for example, following conversations in groups or watching television.  We will then complete a range of diagnostic assessments, that will also show your ability to hear speech in background noise and whether the middle ear is functioning well. We feel it is really important to assess your everyday hearing needs, not just your ability to hear beeps.

You  may also be attending the Hearing Health Clinic at The Spire Shawfair Park to undergo a hearing assessment as part of an ENT consultation.  We are a recognised provider of audiology services for all the major health insurance providers. All fees are kept within their guidelines.

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