Hearing loss is a strange phenomenon. There is a stigma still attached to wearing a hearing instrument which means the majority of people with hearing problems will suffer for many years and not do anything about it. It’s not like being short or long sighted, for example, where people actually wear glasses now as a fashion statement.

However, the advances in technology means that the size, style and performance of hearing instruments are always improving.

The Hearing Health Clinic provides all the latest, cutting edge digital hearing instruments whatever your budget. We are completely independent therefore we will always choose the best hearing solution that is right for you. We offer all styles of hearing instruments but what is important to remember is that we will advise you on the hearing aids most suited to your hearing loss and your lifestyle.

We aim to be completely transparent with our costs - please see our prices page that explains exactly what you are paying for.

On the other hand, you may feel that you hear well enough to cope and you have been dragged along by a loved one.  Your husband or wife might not accept it, and your children and grandchildren may moan continually at you, but if you are not ready to wear a hearing instrument then we will be more than happy to tell you to come back when you feel you actually need to! We will always assess your hearing and let you know the results. At least you have made the first step.


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