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At the Hearing Health Clinic, we offer tinnitus and hyperacusis assessments to identify your individual needs. We can help you to manage the symptoms because we understand that each person's experience is unique.  We know that even talking about your symptoms can make positive improvements to your hearing health and general well-being. 

If you think you or your child is suffering then please contact us


​Many of us have tinnitus which is most regularly described as “ringing in the ears”, but can be in the form of various sounds and noises. It can become a challenging condition, but it can also be managed through a range of innovative techniques available at the Hearing Health Clinic. 

If you have a hearing loss alongside your tinnitus, but your hearing aids are sat in a drawer instead of in your ears, actually wearing them helps to reduce the “ringing” in many cases.  It is also common to have tinnitus but not have a hearing loss.  


Sometimes ”normal” everyday sounds can be very uncomfortable for some people and can have a profound negative impact on their everyday lives. Hyperacusis is a broad term to describe these symptoms.  At the Hearing Health Clinic we can share various techniques to manage these.

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