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Is ear wax getting in the way of your hearing?  We offer both microsuction and irrigation methods to effectively remove wax build-up and improve your hearing.  Our experienced audiologists will work with you to determine which method is best for your specific needs and to ensure that the procedure is safe and comfortable for you.

Either service is offered at one of our clinics or in the comfort of your own home


A safe and gentle method of removing excess earwax using a specialized suction device. This technique is particularly suitable for those with sensitive ears or a history of ear problems.  It can be quite a noisy procedure but no water is involved. 



A gentle flow of warm water is inserted into the ear to remove wax.  This is a suitable technique for people who have not had previous ear surgery. You may feel a little dizzy during or after the procedure has taken place due to the effect of having water sprayed into your ear, but this will pass quickly.

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