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We offer a full range of customised hearing protection earplugs for a range of work and leisure activities.  Please contact us to book an appointment.


We regularly hear the following statements from musicians and DJs before they have tried customised ear plugs:

“Ear plugs make everything sound MUFFLED”

 “I feel like I’m missing out as I can’t hear everything”


Customised musician plugs are different from your regular foam ones you would buy at a chemist. They have a filter in them that reduces the loudness by a set amount on all frequencies, whereas foam plugs reduce some frequencies much more than others. 


Whether you are a singer-songwriter, in a band, in an orchestra or a DJ we can provide a full range of customised ER and Pro series plugs that will help to protect your hearing from excessive, prolonged loud noise. As a musician himself, John has an excellent knowledge of the most suitable plugs to help protect your ears but still enjoy the experience of playing. The filters can be replaced depending on the level of noise protection you want and you also have the option of buying headphones that turn your customised ear plugs into single driver In Ear Monitors.


If you are looking for our full range of In Ear Monitors, please click here


Exposure to noise at work is a widespread problem in a range of different industries. The introduction of health and safety standards relating to noise exposure means that many companies now offer ear protection for their workforce. We offer customised noise protection for all areas of industry.


If you are responsible for sourcing your own hearing protection we can discuss the best hearing protection for your industry.  If you own a business or are responsible for the health and safety aspects of one, please get in touch to discuss how we can help you. We can also arrange for compulsory annual hearing tests for your workforce at your premises, if required.


We can provide customised swimming plugs for people who need to keep water out of their ears, for example, swimmers with perforated ear drums or children who have grommets. They are also excellent to prevent the onset of surfer's ear, which leads to hearing loss. The plugs fill the whole ear and give an excellent seal to ensure maximum protection against any water getting in to the ear canal. There is an optional acoustic filter to allow you to hear better when in the water.



We also offer a full range of customised electronic shooting plugs that will protect you from the sudden noise of gunfire. The plugs are used by the police, army and club shooters. They will allow you to hear normally but reduce the sudden impact of gunfire.

We offer customised hearing protection plugs for any professional and leisure activity that exposes you to excessive noise including: motorcycling, skydiving, police and army work.

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